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The Eranos Foundation

The Eranos Foundation is committed to sustaining and furthering the rich tradition of Eranos – cultural, psychological, spiritual, ancestral – while engaging the emerging world of the new millennium.

Historically, Eranos distinguished itself by bringing high-level thinkers from a wide range of fields to problems that did not fall within mainstream academia. The Foundation seeks to bring together thought leaders who can serve the cause of cultural awakening, deepening vision, and the integration of the inner life of mind and spirit with the outer life of action. Invited participants in Eranos meetings, of which Werner Erhard regularly attends and contributes, are encouraged to explore beyond the borders of their academic specializations while remaining grounded in that critical knowledge. Eranos seeks to nourish that "fertile crescent" of the overlap between mainstream and alternative cultural-intellectual circles, anchored in each yet reaching out to both.  

Situated in Switzerland in the heart of Europe, Eranos can be a meeting point for East and West, for North and South, for the individual and the collective, for intellect and soul. Ultimately, Eranos is envisioned as a kind of cultural source spring, a font of deepening and expanding vision, with nature's beauty and the presence of past wisdom inspiring all those who come to Eranos to enter back into their worlds with renewed spirit and more profound understanding. 

Over the longer term, the question of how Eranos can have a positive impact on societal problems can itself be a topic for discussion at Eranos gatherings. As Eranos participant Werner Erhard described it, “Eranos can address the issue of where the 'levers and dials' of social entities lie, and how Eranos can best access them.” This sort of dialogue would likely have an impact on the sort of activity that Eranos chooses to pursue in the future.

Werner Erhard presented "A BREAKTHROUGH IN INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION" at the Eranos Conference in Ascona, Switzerland on June 18, 2006.


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